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   Hi, I'm Giuls.   

Kia ora!


My name is Giuls (they/them) and I am a writer based in Wellington, New Zealand. 


I enjoy books, tea, climbing up mountains, lists, oversized clothes, and owning too many jars. I’m not a fan of loud noises, adults on scooters, spicy food, sudden changes in temperature, and capitalism.


I have two extra bones, I love mushy food, and I don't know how Mary Poppins ends.


I’m all about simple, intentional living. I want to leave this planet in a better shape than I found it, and I am very mindful about how I navigate life, my actions and their consequences.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you will find my content helpful, or at least entertaining on a rainy day. If you do, please consider sharing or leaving a comment: it would really mean the world to me.


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Social journalism and personal views on writing, sustainability, life lessons and simple living.


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