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Words have the power to connect people, share knowledge, and ultimately make a difference in people's lives. My job is to make sure that happens without anything getting in the way

My work

I design content that supports the user's journey and provides a positive and effective experience. I achieve that by building strong, trusting relationships with my clients, so I can get an in-depth understanding of their needs, and deliver a final product that meets the highest quality and standards.

Grass for Dinner

Grass for Dinner was born in 2012 as a platform for me to record my journey with veganism. A lot has changed since then, but Grass for Dinner has always provided the perfect space for my delevoplent as a writer and an individual. 

My values and ethics still stand strong, and they reflect what I strive for my work to be:

  • intentional

  • accessible

  • impactful

  • sustainable

  • plain and simple.


Simple living

I'm all about simple living. I don't like clutter – around me, in my mind, and on the page. I have a passion for removing distractions, obstacles, and anything that gets in the way so I can focus on what's really important. I do this in all areas of life: food, relationships, items of clothing – and yes, even content.

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