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Bus life night routine

Mon, 19 Apr 2021 04:13:47 +0000

Bus life night routine

Similarly to my morning bus routine, my night bus routine is also not a routine at all. As opposed to my morning routine though, my night routine hasn’t changed much from what it used to be in my pre-bus life (it just wasn’t much of a routine in a house either).

  1. Dinner
    This definitely hasn’t changed much compared to living in a house, as I still eat at work when I finish late and grab dinner on the go pretty often (yeah, not the best, I know). But I’ve been getting the hang of cooking in the bus and I’m trying to do it more often. It’s actually fun and it makes me feel very accomplished.

  2. Get somehow clean
    So far there hasn’t been such a thing as a shower before bed (although this might change soon since we have upgraded the water tank situation). If I’ve managed to shower during the day, this is not too much of an issue. If I’ve been at work, by the end of the day I probably stink, so I would probably refresh myself in the bathroom at work (see how I “shower” in public toilets here). If I absolutely can’t wash my pits anywhere, I will at least wash my face in the bus, which makes me feel clean enough.
    I really enjoy getting into bed all nice and clean, but I’ve accepted the fact that this is not always possible, and Luke hasn’t been complaining so far hehee.

  3. Brush my teeth
    I’ve taken up the habit of always carrying a toothbrush with me, so if I happen to be anywhere that has a restroom I can brush my teeth there and I don’t have to worry about it when I’m in the bus (although as I’ve mentioned in my morning routine post, teeth brushing is definitely not an issue in the bus at all). But if I’m out for dinner, or in the library until late, I’ll just brush my teeth there and save some water.

  4. Cup of tea
    My evening cup of tea is even more important than my morning cup of tea. Very few things make me happier than drinking tea in bed. I thought drinking too close to my bedtime would be dangerous, but luckily I hardly ever wake up to pee in the middle of the night. (This was definitely an issue in my previous van, where there was no toilet. But in the bus the only issue is climbing over Luke to get out of bed, and possibly having a close night encounter with Greg, our bus rat. But let’s not talk about that.)

  5. Evening pee
    Same as everything else involving a toilet, I will definitely pee somewhere else instead of the bus if I can, not because I don’t like using the bus toilet bus because I don’t like emptying the bus toilet. The least we have to do it the better.

  6. Read in bed
    This sets me off nicely for the night and is the perfect way to wind down before falling asleep. I can’t wait to upgrade the lights situation so I can have a wee cosy light for reading in bed.

  7. Snugs
    Thank god snuggles can happen anywhere, because nothing makes me sleep better than cuddles in bed.

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