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First month in the bus

Tue, 30 Mar 2021 03:06:16 +0000

First month in the bus

It’s been one month since we moved into the bus! Well, to be fair this doesn’t exactly apply to me, as I have spent the last week at some friends’ place to give Luke some space. However, a few things have come up since we stopped living in a conventional house that I have been reflecting on and I would love to share.

  1. Headspace is everything
    One of the main reasons we bought this particular bus was the high top. Last time I lived in a van, it was so small not only I couldn't stand up, but I also couldn't sit up straight. In Sid (oh yeah, we named her), both Luke and I can stand up comfortably with room to spare. The high top also makes it look more spacious than it probably is. Honestly, I don’t know where to begin to tell you how happy I am with it.

  2. Organisation is key
    Everything has its own place and if it’s not in its own place it takes very little for the whole bus to look messy. We try to store everything away from sight and to not leave anything on the counter tops. Even small adjustments like building shelves inside the cabinets have made a huge difference in terms of storage solutions and mental sanity.

  3. Dynamics are interesting
    There is definitely more room to move around in this bus compared my previous van, yet it’s still two people in a confined space. We haven’t figured out yet how to not walk on top of each other when we do very normal things like cooking or getting ready in the morning. However we haven’t screamed at each other yet, which I consider a success.

  4. I need my own space
    And Luke does too. It’s been a bit tricky for both of us to not have a designated space for each of us only, however we are trying to navigate this by creating little nooks, making separate drawers for our clothes, and implementing small ideas to make us feel like we do have our privacy even if we share a lot of the space.

  5. Friends are important
    Words can’t describe how mind blown I am by our friends’ kindness. Everyone has been extremely supportive of our bus life and has offered to help by letting us cook at their place, use their washing machine, and sleep in their spare bedroom when we needed a break from the bus. Bus life can be intense at times so having the option to exist in other spaces has been super duper important.

  6. I’ve never swept the floor so much
    The floor is constantly dirty from cooking, taking our shoes inside, and just generally living in basically one room. Sweeping and mopping have become a daily routine-luckily it only takes about 27 seconds.

  7. You don’t need to shower every day
    I have joined the gym with the specific intention of going there to shower every day, however the gym is not super close to where I normally am (at work or in town), so I have started skipping a few days between showers. As much as I do love a steamy hot shower, I’ve noticed that as long as I wash my face and my pits, brush my teeth and wear clean undies every day, I feel just as fresh as if I had showered.

  8. Parking is easy
    Parking restrictions are very rare, and we have been trying to move around quite often to not be too obvious, but even when we stayed in the same place for a few nights we haven’t encountered any problems. Of course I’m only talking about parking options: I haven’t driven this thing yet, let alone parked it.

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