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More things I don't own

Wed, 25 Nov 2020 19:18:35 +0000

More things I don't own

In my last post about things I don’t own the list was getting long, so I thought I’d make it more bearable by splitting it in two.

Here are more things I don’t own.

  • Sport gear
    I don’t play any sports that require specific gear. The only few items I own are a basketball from my balling days (but haven’t played in so long that I got rid of my basketball shoes), and a pair of ski pants and a helmet for skiing (however my actual skis are back home in Italy).
    (Oh, I also have a hockey stick because you never know when Canada might happen.)
    This is not to say that you shouldn’t exercise because that would lead you to owning more stuff. All I’m saying is that in this particular point in time I don’t have the need to own any particular sports gear.

  • CDs and DVDs
    The main reason why I don’t own CDs and DVDs is that I have no way of playing them. I don’t have a DVD player or a CD slot in my laptop. I also don’t have a car (see previous post) with a sound system that I could play my CDs in. However I have kept some CDs (mainly Patti Smith and Hooray for the Riff Raff) for sentimental reasons AND because I do want to own a van down the line and I still want to listen to my favourite music when I drive around.
    (I of course also kept the platinum Back to the Future collection as it is one of my most precious possessions.)

  • A bikini top
    I do have a bikini bottom, but for the top I just use a sports bra. I hate flimsy bikini tops that let your boobies fly out the moment you raise your arms, so I wanted a secure top anyway. I very rarely go swimming or to the beach anyway so it wasn’t worth it investing in a real bikini top.

  • A loofah
    I honestly don’ts the point. I feel much cleaner using soap straight on my skin and my hands to rub it in.

  • A jewellery holder
    This is because I hardly own any jewellery. I do have a few pairs of earrings, some rings and a bunch of necklaces, but I store them either in cute little wooden boxes or hanging from my wardrobe handle.

  • Bracelets
    Talking about jewellery, I have accepted that I am not a bracelets person. I find that they always get in the way, they are often too big for my tiny wrists, and they dig into my skin when I’m writing or doing anything with my hands.

  • A tablet
    This seems like something that most people have, but personally I’ve never seen a use for it. My partner has an iPad but I never used it even when we lived together. I do have a Kindle but it was gifted to me and I don’t think I would have purchased it myself.

  • A belt
    I guess I just wear pants that fit? I’m not a fan of accessories unless they are functional, and if my pants are not falling down then I don’t see the purpose of wearing a belt.

  • Dry shampoo
    I’m lucky enough that my hair doesn’t get greasy (it gets frizzy af instead), so I never needed dry shampoo. I’ve tried it though, and didn’t like it. It’s also super wasteful, as it comes in a non-recyclable spray bottle. If this is a product you use, though, the good news is that you can make your own: there are plenty of recipes out there, but my favourite is the one from The Rubbish Trip - you can find it here.

  • Make up wipes
    I hardly ever wear makeup but when I do I simply pour a few drops of jojoba oil on my palm and use my fingers to rub it onto my face and remove my make up. Works wonders!

  • A wall clock
    I don’t really know anyone who owns a wall clock in this day and age haha, but I haven’t had one for years and I really don’t see the need for one as I have a wrist watch and my phone to check the time.

  • Pyjamas
    I actually have never owned a pyjama set in my life. I sleep in whatever I already have - usually joggers and a baggy tee. Or nothing if it’s really hot.

I’m sure I will come up with more things I don’t own hehe, but that’s it for now! I’d love to hear if you have or don’t have any of these things and if there are other things you don’t own that I do! Until next time!

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