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Seven Things - Week 2

Fri, 31 Mar 2017 10:15:10 +0000

Seven Things - Week 2
  1. Take a break I finally found a job, which I’m hopefully starting tomorrow (these Kiwis do take their time to confirm stuff), so I decided to take a break from job hunting and just CHILL. I will need to find something else at some point as this job is only 10 hours a week, but for now I’m just going to enjoy my free time and relax.
  2. Rye flour I switched from regular shampoo to *drums* rye flour. My curls have never been so fluffy and defined.  I buy rye flour in bulk so there’s no packaging involved, and I can fill a whole jar for $1 #winwin (More on this topic soon.)

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  1. Buy a book I’ve been borrowing books from the library since we moved to New Zealand because I already have SO MANY and when you travel as much as I do you don’t really want to ship thirty boxes of books from one side of the planet to another every time. But on Tuesday I was wandering around and ended up in this awesome second-hand bookshop and just couldn’t resist.

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  1. Don’t be dull When you open the fridge and all that’s inside is radish and spring onions, you can still make it look like you’re having a fancy lunch.

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  1. Talk to old friends Not a day goes by without me missing my friends and family at home, so I always make a point of texting as many people as I can every day and keeping in contact. Thatmakes it feel like there’s no 18,000km in between us.
  2. Get better Last night we had our basketball semifinals, and I was EXTREMELY nervous because last time we played that team I had a very bad game. This time, however, I was very happy with how I played. Conclusion: failing once doesn’t mean you’re always going to fail. You can always get better.
  3. Be patient I ran out of incense a while ago and I haven’t bought new sticks yet because they all come in a plastic package plus I can’t find my favourite flavours. I was getting annoyed because I burn incense every day and I was missing it. Then my friend came back from Bali and brought me some! Unpackaged, exactly the flavours I like, and with a complimentary bracelet.

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