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Things I’ve kept consistent while moving all the time

Tue, 21 Sep 2021 21:21:02 +0000

Things I’ve kept consistent while moving all the time

I always thought I was an adaptable person. That’s been a huge understatement since I’ve had to sublet and couch-surf for over three months, living out of a backpack, cooking with very limited facilities and/or ingredients, and sleeping on a variety of differently-comfortable surfaces.

From mid-May to early September, I moved 15 times.
Being constantly on the move is exhausting. Decisions needs to me made at all times, flexibility is key, and creating a routine is next to impossible.

One thing I’ve learned is that you have to keep some things consistent. These will not be the same for everyone, but I’m glad I’ve identified what is essential for me that I can keep on doing regardless of the circumstances.

This is what hasn’t changed for me in spite of everything changing around me.

  1. Cup of tea
    A hot beverage in the morning is what keeps me sane. No matter where I am, I make sure this need is met, whether it’s brewing my beloved masala chai in my favourite mug at home, or grabbing a takeaway oat flat white on the way to work.

  2. Laptop everywhere
    I bring my laptop with me at all times. I try to write every day, and when you don’t have a stable writing station you have to create your portable one. I have written in the most random of places, and that has given me a sense of relief even though the writing didn’t always happen in the same place at the same time.

  3. Journaling
    I might not write for other people every day, but I write for myself every day. My journal is also always in my backpack, there for me any time I need it (and I’ve needed it A LOT in the past few months).

  4. Soap
    I buy soap when I’m stressed. (Remember that time I went to Canada with a guy who read my journal on day 3 and then I still had to spend the rest of the trip with him and came back with 16 bars of soap?) It doesn’t have to be fancy soap, but smelling that cosy, bubbly smell in the shower helps me ease tension and calm down.

  5. More tea
    I need to have my cup of tea before bed every night. That’s non-negotiable. I have it even when I’m tramping or sleeping in a car (even if it involves the risk of having to pee in the middle of the night).

I have now moved for what hopefully is the last time. I am looking forward to adding more consistency to my days, and training myself to get back into writing in a more structured way.

I also just officially left my job and I’m being gentle with myself, taking the time I need for resting and not putting too much pressure or expectations before me.

Hopefully I won’t need soap for a while.

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