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To my parents

Tue, 03 Sep 2019 21:57:55 +0000

To my parents

This is a post dedicated to my parents.

I just wanted to say thank you.

To you, the best parents I could have ever wished for.

To my parents, who let me cut my hair short just before my First Communion.
Who never bat an eye when I chose Lego and Ninja Turtles action figures over princesses and My Little Pony.
Who let me shop in the boys section.
Who just let me be.

To my parents, who made me kick-ass Halloween costumes year after year, sewed me custom-made Dracula capes and made me fangs alginate casts and Yoda years out of wax and stuck werewolf hair to my face.

Who read me the same bedtime stories over and over again, drove me back and forth to swimming classes and basketball practice, endured the most painful Christmas plays and pretended to enjoy rewatching the tape with me afterwards.

Who instilled the passion for travelling in me, and pushed me to never stop exploring and learning new things.

To my parents, who are cooler than I think they are.
Who prove to be understanding and loving and accepting even when I get mad at them for not being any of those things.
Who brought me up with kindness, empathy and compassion, and taught me not be a dick.

To my parents, who know I am not just a mix of the two of them but I’ve grown up to be my own person, and do things they don’t necessarily understand or agree with, yet they are still my biggest fans.

To my parents, who always did the best they could, and probably stress about not having done enough.

You did.

You did a good job.

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