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Nothing New Challenge - June review

Good day mates, hope you’ve had a fantastic month since I last posted on here.

June came and went, and these are the things I acquired:

  • A dinosaur onesie I wasn’t necessarily on the hunt for a onesie as I already had a giraffe one. However that was so big both Luke and I managed to fit in it once, so I could have used one that fit me properly. One day I walked past the Opportunity for Animals op shop and found this purple dinosaur onesie in the free bin. IN THE FREE BIN! PURPLE! DINOSAUR!! So now I own it.

  • A water bottle Ok so. I am a sucker for water bottles. I used to have this amazing, stainless steel, insulated water bottle that was my absolute favourite. I made the mistake of lending it to someone who was going to a festival, and you guessed it right: I never saw that water bottle again. Three years later, I missed it so much I bought it again. I didn’t even try to find this second-hand, I just bought it brand new and I regret nothing.

  • Some clothes It was my birthday at the end of June, and I treated myself to a trip to every single op shop in Whangarei (I was visiting Luke’s folks up there). I ended up buying a couple of sweaters and a couple of skirts for a total of $30. I have been trying to get rid of clothes more than acquiring them, but I’ve also been enjoying wearing skirts and dresses more than pants, so I’ve been expanding my wardrobe on that front a little bit. I’m also going to donate a bunch of things to the op shop tomorrow, so on average I still own the same amount of garments.

We are now back to spending zero money as my departure quickly approaches. (That sounds like I’m dying, but no: I’m just flying back home at the end of August.)

Until next time!


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