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We broke up

This wasn't an easy decision. We were together for five years, and you made me so happy at first. We got along so well: I got you, and you got me. I thought I really understood you... until I no longer did. And you could no longer meet my needs. You became so complicated... and I wanted more. So, Squarespace, I had to say goodbye. Our relationship was no longer sustainable. You were so bloody expensive, too!

2022 is the year of no bullshit. It's the year I take a step back and reflect on what is worth keeping around me and what is not. It's the year I let go of anything that doesn't serve me, anything that doesn't bring me joy, and anything that doesn't make me feel like the walking divinity I am.

So, welcome to my new space. As I evolve as a person, so does the platform where I share my journey. As I grow and get to know myself better every day, I create a space that reflects that.

This platform is about intentionality. I'll still be talking about what I've been talking about for years: zero waste, minimalism, bus life, simple living. But since I shed all my labels, I have been living my life without the need to shove every aspect of it into a tiny box.

I love sharing my joys and struggles, my reflections, and pretty much anything I'm going through. I love storytelling, inspiring people, and make them feel like they are not alone. I hope you'll stick around.


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