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   Kia ora! I'm Giuls.   

Welcome to Grass for Dinner!


My name is Giuls (they/them).  I am a senior online content advisor with a passion in technical writing and content design.

I create content that is:

  • accessible

  • easy to find, read and scan

  • tailored around the user's needs

  • supporting the user's journey.

I help clients by:

  • translating technical information into plain English

  • turning long and complex material into straightforward content

  • making engaging content that creates a positive and effective user experience.


Since 2018 I have worked for social enterprises, B Corps and businesses that are truly making a difference – and I am excited to jump on the next project.

   Who I've worked with   

What people say

It was a pleasure to work with Giuls when they contracted with us at Springload as a content designer on a large – actually, massive – project for a client redeveloping their website. Giuls came into an established content team and picked up all our conventions, workflows and templates super quickly; was happy to muck in (no task too big or too small) and proactively smashed through content pages with the client's subject matter experts to meet all our deadlines. Would content design with Giuls again!

Virginia, Lead Content Strategist

Didn't break anything.

Kevin, Project Manager

Will bake you a cake!

Jane, Lead Communication Advisor
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