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(Vaguely) good things about quarantine

Sun, 26 Apr 2020 23:43:15 +0000

(Vaguely) good things about quarantine
  • Your house has never been cleaner
    Or organised. I re-organised my entire room and I’m not even in quarantine. I can hear you moving furniture right now.

  • Your skin has never looked better
    Because now you have the validest reason to not freaking touch it.

  • No curtains, no problem
    Anyone can see inside my room from the street, yet I haven’t missed a chance to forget to draw the curtains shut every time I get changed/get dressed. Now there’s absolutely no one outside who can see my naked butt.

  • Masterchef
    Guess who’s been cooking every single meal three times a day for the past four weeks? EVERYONE. You’re welcome.

  • Saving money
    Unless, like me, you have chosen to cope with Covid-19-related stress by revamping your wardrobe.

  • Great excuse to reject dates
    That message from that person who asked you out and you’ve left on seen for weeks because you didn’t know how to say no? Problem solved.

  • Creativity
    When you can’t physically be with someone, you gotta come up with new inventive ways to connect with them. Reading to each other, sending terrible lip sync performances, watching films together, you got this babe!

  • Work with what you’ve got
    Last week I made the best pasta of my life using up the last of everything that was in my fridge (I’ll admit this has gone terribly wrong in the past, but it does work sometimes). Can’t access your library? Listen to an audio book! No home workout gear? Lift your flatmates! Out of toilet paper? … Hey, I’m not here to tell you what to do.

  • Patience
    Ah, what an art. I’m really itchy to build myself a desk, but I have no tools and I’ll have to wait until it’s safe to borrow them from someone/I can go and buy screws. It’s not the end of the world, but it does make you reconsider your priorities.

  • Appreciation
    Of the privilege you have to have a house you can quarantine in. To be able to still afford food. To be healthy.

  • Chance to spend time with your pets
    If you have them. In that case, fuck off.

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