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How to fight the cold

Fri, 06 Jul 2018 04:45:42 +0000

How to fight the cold

It’s getting chilly in New Zealand. Since there’s nothing we can do about it, here are some tips to survive the winter.

1. Act surprised
Nobody seems to be ready for winter when it comes. After autumn. Shocking, right? No matter what a surprisingly regular recurrence this is, every year most people behave like winter has never happened before. So why not join in and tell everyone how unbelievable it is that the temperature is dropping so suddenly.

2. Make sure everyone knows you’re freezing
Cos you are, right? Trust me, making everyone aware of it will warm you up. You can remind them that you’re wearing all your clothes at regular intervals, or even press your dead-cold fingers against the back of your neck when they least expect it, for a more genuine experience. After all, if you’re suffering, so should everyone else.

3. Get sick
Make the most of the shitty weather and find an excuse to snuggle in. The flu will keep you company for at least a week, giving you a great opportunity to flip the finger to the outside world and spend your days on the couch watching the whole of Netflix.

4. Explain to everyone what insulation is
Even though you probably have no idea what insulation looks like, you can be sure your house doesn't have one. This is already a good enough argument to go out into the street and complain about how thin those walls are. It's also ok to act like you've built houses before and you are totally qualified to instruct random strangers on how weather-proof buildings really should be made.

5. Hate all your friends
If you, like me, have migrated to New Zealand from the Northern Hemisphere, chances are you wake up every morning to pictures on Instagram of your friends back home going to the beach. You flip from bikini selfie to cocktail-by-the-sea selfie from the iciness of your bedroom and you hate them. It’s ok. Get it out of your system. Soon enough the tables will turn and they will be cold and miserable while you are… Probably also cold and miserable.

6. Wish for a real winter
There's nothing as special as a white coated winter scenery: snow falling, appropriate Christmas outfits, the magic of central heating. Instead here you are, in the middle of July, wearing your ski attire indoor and having to cope with icy gale and horizontal rain. Who would have thought this opposite season thing would have been so tricky to get your head round.

7. Wear all the layers
Finally, make sure you tuck your inner layer of Merino wool inside your long johns, so you can insert a hot water bottle close enough to your skin and keep it there safe and secured, without letting it slide out from anywhere.

P.S. Today's post was supposed to be my June money review, however nothing special happened last month - except that for some exceptional reason I only spend $27 in coffee, don't ask me how. Other than that, it was my birthday, I spent some money, I didn't stress too much about it. 

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