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I have more things than I thought (plus life update)

Wed, 10 Feb 2021 21:49:45 +0000

I have more things than I thought (plus life update)

The problem with not updating regularly is that life hits you hard in the face sometimes and all the things you had planned to write about no longer apply as your living situation evolves and you find yourself facing new challenges and adventures.

Life has been pretty darn exciting these past few weeks, and I have been trying to reflect upon that from a minimalist perspective.

The main thing that happened is that I had to move out. 

Apart from having to deal with an entire garage’s worth of previous flatmates’ trash, I’ve also had to go through my own possessions with a very critical eye, and evaluate what was really worth moving and what I could do without.

I did manage to get rid of several bags and boxes full of stuff, however once all the remaining things had been packed and piled up and sat in my room for weeks before I could actually move out, I felt overwhelmed.

I had just been travelling up north for two weeks living off the same two t-shirts and undies, one pair of shorts and no shoes. That was so freeing that coming back to household furniture and kitchen appliances and a mountain of clothes actually gave me a bit of anxiety.

When I eventually moved out I managed to do so with only one carload worth of stuff, plus my bookshelf and my armchair which are the only two pieces of furniture I own and am not willing to part from.

I was pretty proud of myself until I dumped everything at my new place, which is a two bedroom house that I currently share with two other people. It is indeed a tight place for three humans, especially when your stuff is all over the place in boxes you haven’t unpacked. It looks like you have way more stuff than you actually do when it’s not properly organised.

This living situation was supposed to be temporary: the original plan was that someone would move out, so that it would eventually be two people in a two bedroom place. This would have given me the chance to organise my things, settle down properly, and make the space feel like mine.

However more life happened, and now I’m at a point where I’ll really have to push myself and reevaluate not only my possessions, but life dynamics in general.

I understand this wee update might not mean much right now, but to me it’s a preface to the next chapter, which is possibly one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done in my entire life. Stay tuned!

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