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Nothing New Challenge - April review

Thu, 05 May 2022 19:46:40 +0000

Nothing New Challenge - April review

I’ve been working two jobs so this comes to you from a collection of spare moments (lunch breaks, 5m sprints, right before bed), but here we go!

April has been pretty chill. I’ve bought next to nothing which makes me very happy! In fact, I’ve been getting rid of things more than I have acquired things.

This is what has come into my life:

  • Socks
    I try to repair and mend everything before I give in and replace it, and this very much applies to socks. However, I haven’t been ripping socks a much as I have been losing them. I honestly have no clue where they have been disappearing into, but I ended up with not enough pairs to last me a week. So I went op shopping and found three nice pairs - one pair looks brand new, the other two have definitely been used but still in good conditions, and nice and thick for the coming winter.

  • Long johns
    I had a pair of polyprop long johns that I used for hiking/hut pants, however they got stolen that time that we got robbed. Since winter is rapidly approaching and I am ready to go hiking again, I had been looking in op shops and online to grab a new pair, but with no luck (strange, as this is something I would have thought would be super easy to find second hand). As we were driving home after Easter weekend we stopped in a café with an outdoor shop attached, and they had polypropylene gear on sale, so I grabbed two pairs. No regrets.

  • Gin bottle
    I found a Hendrick’s gin bottle in someone’s recycling glass crate on the street and I grabbed it. I’ve always wanted one of these bottles as a candle holder but I don’t drink gin, so this was a score! (Did you know that once you put your rubbish out, it becomes everyone’s property? So technically this wasn’t stealing. I take people’s jars from their recycling all the time. But enough about me.)

  • New desk
    I did have a desk, but it was pretty crap and I had been wanting to replace it since I got it. There was another desk in the house that had been moving from room to room, until we rearranged the living room furniture and decided the desk could finally live in my room. I love this desk so much, and since it has a wee cupboard it mean I’ll probably be able to get rid of another shelving unit I have but don’t really want.

  • Clothes swap
    Last weekend there was another clothes swap, which I wanted to go to mainly to get rid of stuff (which I did). There is something I would like to acquire but it’s very specific (I’m on the hunt for a woollen dark blue jumper and a woollen forest green jumper), and I had told myself I wouldn’t take anything unless it was one of those things. I failed and took a bralette and a pair of leggings, but heeeeey that’s ok.

So this is it for April! I hope every month will be like this from now on. I am happy I have been acquiring things to make my room look nice and cute, but I have also been feeling overwhelmed by STUFF. I’m currently selling a couple of things and I am forever on a journey of curating everything I own to make sure I don’t have anything I don’t need or love.

Until next month!

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