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Things I wouldn't buy second hand

Tue, 04 May 2021 09:37:51 +0000

Things I wouldn't buy second hand

Thrifting is wonderful. Who needs conventional shopping? Thrifting is cheaper, better for the environment, and you never know whatcha gonna get. 

I not only appreciate the sustainability aspect of it, but I’m also a sucker for cool second-hands finds.
I will forever brag about my Zip coffee plunger the I found for $10 (it retails for $89.99), my $16 bridesmaid dress, or the pan I use every day that wasn’t even thrifted but found in my previous flat. I brag more about how little I have spent on something than how expensive it was.

Generally, I do try to buy as much as I can second hand - ideally from op shops, but on TradeMe or Facebook Marketplace too (although I try to make sure I still buy locally and don’t need to have anything shipped to me). 

However, there are some things I would not buy second hand:

  • Undies and socks
    Sometimes in op shops you do find new undies with the tag still on, however I’m still skeptical about wrapping my butt in something that’s been wrapping a random stranger’s butt (and same with feet). I would buy second-hand bras though - is that weird?

  • Mattresses and pillows
    I have slept in many hand-me-down beds and used someone else’s pillow, but I would no longer do it now. My last mattress was given to me for free by my neighbour and was also the reason why I started sleeping on the floor again: it was lumpy and too soft and super uncomfortable. And I have found mysterious stains on second-hand pillows that I have tried really hard to remove from my memory.
    I do buy second-hand bedsheets though because I can wash the heck out of them.

  • Bike helmets
    Mostly for safety. You have no way to know whether a bike helmet has been dropped or crashed unless there’s visual evidence, and if it’s been damaged you shouldn’t be wearing it.

  • Wooden kitchen utensils
    Wood has pores and you never know what’s been in there (although I have no evidence of this and maybe I’m just squeamish). But unless the wood is obviously clean, I would think twice before purchasing something made of wood that would come in close contact with my food.

  • Makeup
    Not that I often buy and wear makeup (there’s a post on this topic coming soon), but I wouldn’t trust anything that’s not sealed, even from friends. Exchanging makeup equals exchanging bacteria.

  • Fast fashion clothes
    They tend to be poor quality and are often already towards the end of their life when you find them in op shops, so they are bound to not las you very long once you buy them. I would rather invest in good quality pieces or even better, try to find second-hand good quality pieces.
    I have a great Macpac rain jacket that I found on the side of the road, a sweet thrifted pair of Levi’s (man, those are indestructible), a bunch of Mons Royale merino tops, and all my clothes from Nike are second hand (I’m sorry to admit this, but Nike stuff lasts forever),.

Let’t remember that buying second hand can mean buying something unused, so technically new.
My everyday shoes are a pair of Nike Air Force 1 that I bought on Facebook Marketplace from someone who had bought the wrong size, so when I got them they had never been worn.
So for all of the above I would make an exception if what I’d want to buy already existed in the world but had never been used. (Except undies).

How about you? Do you shop second hand? Is there anything you’d never buy used? I’m curious!

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